Follow Your Heart, Follow Your Passion to Happiness

Today is special day for me as is every July 31st.  It's a day that on two occasions changed my life.  I share a story that I wrote a few years ago that I hope gives you inspiration to pursue your passions and happiness.   Sometimes life's great treasures are unplanned and it's up to you to seize the moment.  As the ultimate "planner" this was an experience where it was my heart and gut that led me to pursue my passion.  It was not a career passion but someone who fuels my happiness each and every day. The Day That Changed My Life It was…

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What Are You Selling To Who and Why?

Choosing where and how to compete is the essence of competitive strategy for any business.  These same decisions are required for your personal career strategy and yet many people do not take a market-driven approach to decide where to apply their assets.  This is probably the most important strategy decision you make that will impact your degree of career success and fulfillment.  How quickly can you communicate what you are selling to who and why? Target With A Personal Value Proposition The key to career targeting is crafting a compelling personal value proposition that delivers a promise to a customer…

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Tell Your Career Strategy Story

Over the years as a manager at Microsoft I have always told my team members that I could not support their career unless I knew their story.   While we all know that we need other people to help us achieve success most people have a hard time telling their story.  These are often the people who see others achieving success and growing in their careers.    They see transitions and wonder if management is looking after them.  What they don't understand is that those people likely have a story that they have been executing against and sharing with others who can help the dream become reality. We have…

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Start Your Career Strategy With “Know”

Architecting a career strategy can be overwhelming and knowing where to start is often a challenge.   The Career Strategy Framework “Know” process is generally where I recommend people start.  It forms the foundation for setting strategy by defining what is important, the attributes that describe you and your brand promise.  The output of the Know process use is used to define a target market and value proposition as described in the diagram below. The Know process attempts to answer the following questions: What is important? Who are you? What is your life purpose? What roles do you play in life? What is happiness? What identity are…

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