Career Strategy For Our Youth

What could be more important than setting our youth up for success in life?  I would argue that "career strategy" is just as important for our youth than it is for us who are working professionals. Making a transition from high school to the next phase of a young person's learning journey can be a big step and one that influences the rest of our life.  The people we meet, the content we learn and the experiences we live.  But how much "career strategy" is really discussed at this early phase in life?  I have a hypothesis that many of the principles of…

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A Fathers Day Reflection

Each day we are challenged how best to allocate our time and make decisions that drive success and happiness.  Earlier this week I shared a post "A Model to Prioritize and Measure Life" that described an approach I have used over the last six years to help reduce this challenge.  I am sharing another recent example how this model helped me make a decision that aligned with my broader life goals. My wife and kids have been wanting a dog for many months and the thought of a dog in the addition to all of the daily demands was stressing me out.  I could feel the…

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A Model To Prioritize and Measure Life

Where and how much time you allocate to activities in your life is in essence the reality of what you think is important. Many people live life each day unconscious to internalizing what is important let alone measuring if they are on track.   I share a simple, strategic "What's Important" model I have used over the last six years that in many ways has guided my life choices and how best to allocate my precious time to drive happiness.  The initial catalyst in early 2006 was to improve my career plan but I quickly broadened the approach to my life. I first started with a simple definition of my life purpose and this…

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