Improve your positioning and brand awareness using the LinkedIn Ultimate Cheat Sheet

The “Sell” principle of the Career Strategy Framework is an important strategy to:

  • clearly position and communicate your value proposition
  • make it believable through specific achievements and references from others
  • increase your brand awareness through trusted connections

Use the LinkedIn Ultimate Cheat Sheet to improve your profile by making any adjustments that support your current career strategy.


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Know what you need to leave behind


This time of year is a perfect opportunity to reflect on life and identify aspects you want to change in 2016. Over the course of our life and each year we collect fond memories but also baggage that weighs us down from becoming the person we want to be or moving forward with the life we want.  My personal journey and reflection led to the definition of this “Know” principle a few years ago:

Know what you need to leave behind to make room for the new life you envision.


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Robert Waldinger: What makes a good life?

Robert Waldinger shares three important lessons learned on how to build a fulfilling, long life.  This extensive data-driven Harvard study reminds us what we already know but often fail to prioritize and invest in over the course of our career and life. As I reflected on the wisdom shared by Robert Waldinger, it resonated with a few principles I have shared as part of the Career Strategy Framework: Know what's important - do your priorities and time include investing in relationships across your career and broader life? Many of us play multiple roles and there are often different relationship expectations…

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