Improve your positioning and brand awareness using the LinkedIn Ultimate Cheat Sheet

The “Sell” principle of the Career Strategy Framework is an important strategy to:

  • clearly position and communicate your value proposition
  • make it believable through specific achievements and references from others
  • increase your brand awareness through trusted connections

Use the LinkedIn Ultimate Cheat Sheet to improve your profile by making any adjustments that support your current career strategy.

“Buyers” view profiles looking to find people who can solve their business problems and create new business opportunities.   As a “seller”, make it easy for others to understand what you have to offer.   LinkedIn is a great platform that enables efficient markets but we all need to improve what we are selling on this exchange.  Reflect on the following questions as you update your LinkedIn profile.

  1. Is it crystal clear what you are selling to whom?  Do not make it difficult for people to piece this together on their own.   Your value proposition should be easy to understand and relevant.  I recommend you include this in the Summary section.  See my recent post “What is Your Value Proposition?” for guidance on defining your value prop.
  2. How believable in your value proposition?  Ensure your profile includes relevant projects, tangible achievements and recommendations from others.  Authoring and publish posts on LinkedIn is another way to show your thought leadership on a particular topic.
  3. How do you want to be perceived by others?  Read your LinkedIn headline and think about what that mentally conveys to others.  If you are transitioning into a new discipline or need to shed your previous successful profile so that others see you in a new light then I would recommend you consider an aspirational headline that positions the “next” you.

The ultimate LinkedIn cheat sheet

The ultimate Linkedin cheat sheet

ultimate Linkedin cheat sheet

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