Hello, this is James Gray and thanks for stopping by this site.  The ideas I share here are a synthesis of my work experiences, graduate studies and experiences as a father and husband.  The sole purpose is to share a framework and ideas that may shape your lens on life and challenge you to think and act strategically.  In return, it’s a reminder for me to practice honing life skills and the gift of helping someone that can benefit from my knowledge and those of others.


In 2006 I joined Microsoft as the next step in my career journey.  A new job, a new company and my family just grew from 5 to 7. How would I balance the demands of life to achieve both success in the workplace and at home? I was promoted to a leadership role and I saw developing talent as the single most important responsibility I had.  I was looking for a process that could pose the difficult questions and approach career management from a strategic viewpoint.  Deep and valuable content existed inside and outside the company but nothing that brought ideas together in an extensible framework.

What I called the “Career Strategy Framework” was born and adapted over my years at Microsoft.  It was something that took on a life of its own and I found myself leading workshops, speaking at events and mentoring fellow colleagues all across Microsoft.  Since I was not in HR, my views were unfiltered and my content based on the complete set of personas we choose to embody in life.  My greatest contributions and gifts at Microsoft had nothing to do with the reason I was hired.  I found I had a skill of connecting with people and inspiring them to change their life.  That included saving a woman’s life, helping people make transitions inside the company and listening as a sounding board.  I quickly learned that there was nothing I was going to do in life that would be more impactful than this.

The Book?

The question I often received at Microsoft was “when is the book going to be published”?  A few people even offered to help me write it.  Yes, many of the sections are drafted and that is goal I want to achieve in the near future.  In the meantime, there is still a lot to learn and share.

Professional Profile

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Master of Information and Data Science
School of Information
University of California, Berkeley

Master of Business Administration
Haas School of Business
University of California, Berkeley.

Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering
Union College


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