The Career Strategy Framework is a 7 principle model to create, manage and execute a career strategy that is aligned with your broader life. The framework has primarily been applied to career planning but the model is fairly generic to framing the questions and approach to driving happiness across all aspects of your life.

This model is a connected set of concepts to answer many questions and set a direction that ultimately attempts to maximize life happiness and career impact.


Know is a process of personal discovery and defining who you are, what you want in life and who you want to become.  It also identifies the drivers of personal happiness and the measures you will use to evaluate your personal success. The deliverable from this process is a definition of what is important to you, a personal profile that describes who you are and your brand promise.


Target takes what you learned from Know and helps you to identify a promising market opportunity that leverages your personal strengths and brings you energy.  The deliverable from this process is a Personal Value Proposition for a specific target market and a set of criteria for achieving competitive differentiation in your chosen domain.


Plan is a creative approach to identifying potential roles and pathways for achieving success throughout your career.  The deliverable from this step is a clear set of goals for your current role and a roadmap of potential roles to achieve the experiences and successes you desire based on your target market.


Learn is a process to identify strategies and actions to develop the strengths and competencies that are needed to be successful in the “target” you have identified.  The deliverable from this step is a development plan of learning experiences to strengthen your competencies and a set of relationships to support your growth.


Sell increases brand awareness to your personal value proposition that was identified in Target and recent achievements.  The deliverable from this strategy is an integrated marketing plan to drive brand awareness and give evidence to your brand promise.


Connect is a process to identify and manage the key relationships that are critical to your success and developing a relationship management plan to deepen and broaden your connections.


Decide is a process of learning and reflection needed to drive higher levels of performance and factors that needs to be considered for thoughtful decision making.

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