Know what you need to leave behind


This time of year is a perfect opportunity to reflect on life and identify aspects you want to change in 2016. Over the course of our life and each year we collect fond memories but also baggage that weighs us down from becoming the person we want to be or moving forward with the life we want.  My personal journey and reflection led to the definition of this “Know” principle a few years ago:

Know what you need to leave behind to make room for the new life you envision.


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My One B1G Thing

Over the last few years I have shared my passion for career strategy and management with many people within Microsoft.   While career strategy and mentoring others has always been an interest,  I really did not know if this was a special talent.  Even if I had something special nobody really knew what I was selling or the value given the pace of a typical business day.  I did not have a compelling event or situation that could launch my platform. I will share my example of how I applied the insight from the book "One B1G Thing" by Phil Cooke…

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Walking the wheel of life one day at a time

Over the last few weeks I have shared the theory and examples of the Career Strategy Framework with hundreds of people of Microsoft.  It has been an amazing experience so I thought I would share one concept that appears to resonate with many people. We all struggle to bring balance to our life and in most cases make tradeoffs unconsciously each day.   How do we make the "best" decisions to allocate our time, talent and treasure that drives the highest levels of happiness and career impact?  In this post I share a simple picture that changed my life and…

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Follow Your Heart, Follow Your Passion to Happiness

Today is special day for me as is every July 31st.  It's a day that on two occasions changed my life.  I share a story that I wrote a few years ago that I hope gives you inspiration to pursue your passions and happiness.   Sometimes life's great treasures are unplanned and it's up to you to seize the moment.  As the ultimate "planner" this was an experience where it was my heart and gut that led me to pursue my passion.  It was not a career passion but someone who fuels my happiness each and every day. The Day That Changed My Life It was…

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