Start Your Career Strategy With “Know”

Architecting a career strategy can be overwhelming and knowing where to start is often a challenge.   The Career Strategy Framework “Know” process is generally where I recommend people start.  It forms the foundation for setting strategy by defining what is important, the attributes that describe you and your brand promise.  The output of the Know process use is used to define a target market and value proposition as described in the diagram below. The Know process attempts to answer the following questions: What is important? Who are you? What is your life purpose? What roles do you play in life? What is happiness? What identity are…

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Use Mojo to Shape Your Career Strategy

Over the next month I will be writing content on how to apply the "Know" step of the Career Strategy Framework.   As I have worked with colleagues over the years to apply the framework I have received feedback that the Know step is generally the most challenging. It inspires curiosity of who we are, what is important and who we want to become.  Many people struggle with the "what do you want to be when you get older" question and how that relates to your passions in life.  I find that many people have a hard time starting to define a career strategy or make a career transition because they are not…

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