Are you struggling to find the right career path or needing support to guide your next transition?

Is your work and life out of balance and you know a change is needed to achieve success and fulfillment?

Are you trying to decide what higher education curriculum to pursue?

I have worked with hundreds of people to help them craft a compelling career strategy and shared my knowledge to help professionals achieve success at all different stages of their career.   I work together with people virtually or in person depending on the need.  Here are ways that we could work together:

  1. Read my blog posts – The content on this site includes experiences and insight I have gained throughout my career and leading career workshops at Microsoft over many years.  Content from this site is forming a new book on career and life strategy.
  2. Subscribe to my newsletter – If you prefer receiving career strategy content directly in your inbox you can subscribe to my monthly newsletter.
  3. Lead a career workshop with your team – I have worked with many teams during my tenure at Microsoft where managers and professionals struggled how to formulate and communicate a career strategy.  We use the 7 principles of the career framework to help professionals answer important questions and make critical decisions regarding their career direction.  I typically recommend multiple workshops to go through the framework at pace that enables maximum creativity and deep thought.
  4. Hire me as your personal strategist – I have acted as a mentor to professionals for over 10 years that seek one-on-one coaching.  Strategic services include recommendations to career artifacts (e.g. resumes, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters) and leading professionals through the career framework one-on-one to produce a personalized career strategy with action plans.  I work together with people in person or virtually over the Internet using collaboration services such as Skype and Google Hangouts.  Please contact me by email to discuss your needs and schedule your first session.
  5. Hire me as a speaker – I have spoken about the career strategy framework in many venues including Microsoft, UC Berkeley and local communities.  If you have an event that where professionals could benefit from a comprehensive career framework, please contact me by email.


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