I am a Chief Product Officer, Coach, and Technologist.

Over three decades, I have dedicated my career to building and operating software products and platforms at leading companies including Microsoft.

These days I focus my time as Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Products That Count and a coach.

As a product executive, my mindset is to grow a unique brand, deliver value, and maximize income across multiple streams. Similarly, I advocate that people think about themselves as a product to power their careers. Running your own business, monetizing talent across a diversified portfolio, and contributing to the success of other organizations can increase income, expand options, and boost well-being.

This led me to coaching where I help people accelerate their transformation to reach their unique potential.

As a technologist, I help side hustle entrepreneurs start, scale, and automate their online business with the right technology and product strategy to accelerate money flow into their bank account. Learn more at SideHustleTech.com.

You can also find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Github.

Reach me on email at [email protected]

How To Accelerate Your Side Hustle Idea

How To Accelerate Your Side Hustle Idea

The pandemic is driving dramatic shifts in demand for products and services, as well as unemployment for millions. This unique time period also creates an opportunity for creative, entrepreneurial-minded people. If you are someone that is seeking additional income, more control, and freedom to express your unique persona, then a side hustle is a low-cost way to experiment.

This article shares five recommendations for anyone that has an awesome idea and wants to accelerate their journey to side hustle income.

“I help people reach their true career potential through strategy and mindset.

Becoming a master strategist is one of the most important skills of your life”

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