Hello, this is James – Welcome.

I am a strategist, data scientist and writer. By day, I build some of the coolest data and AI software products on the planet. Weekends, I write and connect with people to help them find and activate their unique career strategy.

My writing is focused on the most important decision of your life – finding and pursuing your unique career path.┬áThe choice that will influence your success, health, happiness and fulfillment in life.

In 2008, I authored the Career Strategy Framework. A methodology I proved at one of the largest software companies in the world to help colleagues formulate and execute a career strategy. My ideas are a fusion of business strategy, product management, technology, leadership and philosophy.

I believe that all of us should target a unique path that is within our control. Letting external forces and organizations decide your path will only disrupt your tranquility and constrain your freedom. I have seen how organizations and people flourish when business needs are matched with the personal aspirations of our career. This is what mutual success is all about.

My quest has connected with 1,000’s of people to share this framework and build a community that lifts us all to our highest potential. I have more questions than answers.

See my full story to learn more.

Join My Quest

I am grateful of the opportunity to share my ideas for strategically managing a career with a growing audience. High school and college students, professionals across any phase of their career or people who are looking for a new path after a significant event.

Here are ways you can join my quest to connect with 63,000 people:

  • Read my blog that includes content from an upcoming book on each of the 7 strategies.
  • Attend a small career strategy workshop at my Austin, TX home – hosted by Airbnb Experiences.
  • Connect 1:1 to go deep formulating, shaping or accelerating your career strategy.
  • Speak at an event related to career strategy including teaching leadership how to create the optimal environment for mutual success.

The best gift in life is helping each other reach the highest potential in the one life we have.

Anything is possible – follow your unique path to freedom.

– James

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