Hi, I’m James Gray

Since 2006, I have been exploring the intersection of career and business strategy in a context where people thrive personally and professionally. Mastering a career to achieve happiness and success over a lifetime requires more than deep domain expertise. It also demands strategy and the social skills of managing oneself and mastering interactions with others.

It was my belief that career strategy was more than finding your next job and limiting the scope of who you are professionally. This curiosity lead to authoring the “Career Strategy Framework” – a proven set of 7 principles that will help you gravitate to a career you love and earn achievement that is unique to your values, talents, experience and personality.

I proved the framework at one of the largest software companies in the world that shaped how people thought about managing their career. It also changed how leaders managed talent and embraced a culture that benefits the business and professionals.

Exploring big questions leads to personal growth and a better life for the short slice of time we are given.

Are you on a unique career path to prosperity?

The career path we choose is the single most important decision of our life. It will impact our success, wealth, the people we come in contact with and ultimately our happiness.

But yet, how we should strategically approach and answer this question is not taught in schools.

The framework will teach you how to master this process and architect a unique path you control.

How do you master a career and life of freedom?

We are given a slice of time on this earth and how we manage the journey each day will influence the experience of our professional and personal life. Achieving and sustaining mastery to remain relevant in an ever changing world requires commitment.

Practicing a set of principles will increase the likelihood we will live the life we wish for.

Become a Master Strategist of Your Career (and Life)

Thousands of people have heard me talk at events and read my material to take control of their career. My mission is simple – help people become a master strategist of their career to experience impact, happiness and a life of few regrets.

As a practitioner of the framework, I serve as a career and business strategist to help people make the required changes to live the life they wish for.

This can lead to making more money, realizing higher levels of contribution and mastering your internal state of happiness.

These are the types of people that can benefit from reading my content (blog, Facebook page, Instagram) and working together with me:

  • Students in high-school and college that need direction to choose fields of study, apprenticeships and establish an early vision of the life they wish for.
  • Parents that need a collection of strategies and philosophies, not taught in school, to help shape their children’s thought process about choosing a career path.
  • Professionals that are feeling stuck in their current job, need guidance on how to make a job/field transition or market themselves.
  • People that have experienced significant change in their life and are feeling a loss of identity, hope or career direction.