James Gray

I am a product executive, data scientist, writer, and coach.

Over three decades, I have dedicated my career to envisioning, building, and operating software products and solutions at leading companies including Microsoft.

These days I focus my time as Chief Product Officer at Products That Count and as a side hustle entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneurial product leader, my mindset is to grow a unique brand and maximize income across multiple streams. As such, I advocate running your own business while contributing to the success of other organizations. This will help you increase income, expand options, and boost well-being.

This led me to start two online side hustle businesses – Career Academy and SideHustleTech.com.

You can also find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Github.

Do you ever feel that you missed the masterclass on how to manage an amazing career?

Career Academy offers on-demand courses and coaching to help people accelerate a transition to a unique career journey.

I advocate a mindset that shapes a path based on your uniqueness and broader life. The desired outcomes from the course and coaching is to increase income, expand options, and boost in well-being.

Learn more at https://careeracademy.io

Tech is not optional when you run an online business – it’s critical. Your tech can be the differentiator to engage authentically with your audience and grow income.

SideHustleTech.com offers technologyย training and consulting designed for solopreneurs who want to start, scale, and automate their online side hustle business.ย 

Learn more at https://sidehustletech.com.

“I help people reach their true career potential through strategy and mindset.

Becoming a master strategist is one of the most important skills of your life”