Mastery - by Robert Greene

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  1. Return to your origins – The primal inclination strategy

In order to master a field, you must love the subject and feel a profound connection to it.

Your interest must transcend the field and border on religious.

These childhood attractions are hard to put into words and are more like sensations-that of deep wonder, sensual pleasure, power and heightened awareness.

The importance is recognizing these preverbal inclinations is that they are clear indications of an attraction that is not infected by the desires of other people.

As you become more sophisticated, you often lose touch with these signals from your primal core.

Your power and future can depend on reconnecting with this core and returning to your origins.

You must dig for signs of inclinations in your earliest years.

Looks for its traces in visceral reactions to something simple; a desire to repeat an activity that you never tired of; a subject that stimulated an unusual degree of curiosity; feelings of power attached to particular actions.