This is a summary of answers (recommendations) to frequently asked questions I have received over the years. The intent is to provide you with quick access to ideas but ultimately the decision is yours given that each situation is unique.

Changing Jobs

Q. How do I go about clarifying what I want from my next career experience?

A. Use a Transition Statement (see 3-Plan the Journey) to capture what experience you are seeking to develop, the type of organization, the opportunities the role will provide and the value you intend to deliver. Imagine giving these few paragraphs to prospective organizations to succinctly clarify what you want and why. Make it easy to quickly determine if there is a mutual fit to explore the match between your needs and those of the organization.


Q. What the best methods to market who I am, my achievements and what I have to offer to prospective businesses?

A. LinkedIn is the top site for people in the job market. Use the summary section to position who you are and the experience section on the outcomes you have delivered. I have also found a non-traditional online resume as a unique way to format what I want to communicate with people who need a quick snapshot.

Personal Development

Q. How do I go about finding a mentor?

A. Read chapter II – Submit to Reality: The Ideal Apprenticeship in the book Mastery by Robert Greene.