The Career Strategy Framework is a practical playbook to help you design and travel a unique career path at any point in life.

See the overview of the intended outcomes, why I created this framework and who it’s for.

How to use the framework:

  • Below you will find expandable sections that reveal content for each of the 7 core strategies.
  • Within each strategy are modules with a set of supporting strategies. Some of the content has links to posts where I have written directive-style content on how take action to apply the idea.
  • Additional links for each strategy will be added weekly until the framework content is fully published from my offline notes.
  • Each post includes resources for self-study including links to my book list with personal notes.
  • It requires work and patience applying the framework over a period of time to develop a strategic mindset and see results. Nobody can do this other than you – there are no silver bullets. Taking control of how you want to spend each day is one of the life’s most important tasks.
1 - Know Yourself

Module Theme: Pursuing a unique career path with confidence depends on convincing ourselves first about who we are, who we want to become and the life we wish for.

Who are you now and in the future?

Module Outcomes
By internalizing and practicing the concepts of this module, you will increase the ability to:

  • Transform into person that has a deep understanding of who you are and what is important.
  • Embark on journey of personal discovery to articulate a clear set of values, priorities and a vision of your future self.
  • Strategically guide all future choices based on values and priorities that are deeply internalized.
  • Select partners that are essential to helping you achieve career succcess.

1A. Life Envisioning
Explore your inner thoughts inhibited to envision the life you wish for. Write your autobiography to synthesize and vividly describe what daily life looks like in the future.

1B. Self Assessment
Look inward to understand your characteristics, type, motivators and interests. Develop a profile that describes who you are, what you stand for and who you want to become.

1C. Partner Assessment
Identify the characteristics and values of the ideal people to share your life with. Study and decide if your current partner is the right person for the journey.

Module Deliverables
The outputs from the module include:

  • Life Story – A private self-authored story that beautifully describes the life you are living in the near future (6-12 months).
  • Life Personas – The various roles you play throughout your personal and professional life.
  • Personal Profile – A holistic collection of attributes that describes you and easily enables someone to know who you are.
  • Elimination List – A list of possessions, desires, people, habits, beliefs and routines that you are leaving behind to make room for the life you wish for.


2 - Target the Opportunity

Module Theme: Strategically apply your time, talent and passion to a target where there is a market opportunity that aligns with your unique persona to create a compelling and sustainable value proposition.

How do you create unique value?

Module Outcomes
By internalizing and practicing the concepts of this module, you will increase the ability to:

  • Free yourself from being everything to everybody or undifferentiated in a crowded field.
  • Experience the peace and tranquility of a unique career path that is within your control.
  • Work on problems and causes that have meaning.
  • Remain relevant in a highly competitive talent pool and dynamic external environment.

2A. Target Design
Design a value proposition(s) that optimizes product-market fit (you and a work opportunity) given your unique persona and the job opportunities in the market.

2B. Target Ideation
Identify potential targets (ideas) to apply your value proposition.

  • Target a Problem You Struggled With
  • Target Experimentally Through Side Hustles
  • Target Your Smallest Viable Audience
  • Target Iteratively as a Lean Startup

2C. Target Alignment
Align your value proposition with an environment conducive to maximizing your contribution.

  • Target the Ideal Culture
  • Target Where You Are Essential

Module Deliverables
The outputs from the module include:

  • Value Proposition – The benefits and impact that an end-customer or organization can expect from your work.
  • Business Model – The codification of strategies how you will create, deliver and capture value.


3 - Plan the Journey

Module Theme: Design and plan your career journey with an aspirational vision and phased approach to guide the realization of your unique value proposition.

What are your potential pathways?

Module Outcomes
By internalizing and practicing the concepts of this module, you will increase the ability to:

  • Gain clear vision of where you are heading through a roadmap of experiences you have architected to reach destinations throughout your career.
  • Realize long-term outcomes through focused, short-term achievements that multiply.
  • Make transitions from a position of strength that align with your planned career journey.

3A. Experience Envisioning
Design multiple paths with a sequence of experiences you seek to deepen your value proposition. Use these options to create choice, power and freedom.

  • Plan the Impossible
  • Plan for Options That Create Freedom and Power
  • Plan Small Goals That Lead to Big Outcomes
  • Plan a Quest
  • Plan Your Bucket List
  • Plan Your Transition
  • Plan All the Way to the End
  • Plan a Think Week

3B. Obstacle Envisioning
Identify and embrace the potential obstacles you will face as you travel your career journey.

  • Plan for Adversity
  • Plan an Ideal Work Environment

Module Deliverables
The outputs from the module include:

  • Career Roadmap – A planned sequence of interlinked work experiences across one or more paths that deepen competency over time.
  • Transition Statement – A written summary that describes what you are seeking in your next work experience.


4 - Learn Continuously

Module Theme: Develop and deepen competencies that strengthen your value proposition while strategically adding skills in advance for when opportunity knocks.

What are you learning to master your craft?

Module Outcomes
By internalizing and practicing the concepts of this module, you will increase the ability to:

  • Grow power by mastering your trade built on a deep and ever-expanding set of knowledge acquired through experience, mentors and education.
  • Evolve your persona and brand image to align with the next, higher-level role you aspire to experience.

4A. Master Craft
Develop the skills, experiences and mindset required to achieve mastery of your chosen field. Strengthen and adapt your capabilities to protect value proposition and relevancy in a changing environment.

  • Learn by Doing
  • Learn from the Masters
  • Learn Through Education
  • Learn Through Books
  • Learn Through Feedback
  • Learn Through Experimentation
  • Learn Through Failures
  • Learn by Teaching It

4B. Develop Discipline
Develop a disciplined mindset that keeps you on path toward contribution and fulfillment.

4C. Persona Evolution
Grow in new dimensions to evolve your persona with the expectations of your roadmap.

  • Learn for Range
  • Learn to Adapt
  • Learn to Create a New Identity
  • Learn to Influence Others
  • Learn to Accelerate Your Transition

Module Deliverables
The outputs from the module include:

  • Learning Plan – An inventory of learning content, topics and competencies to master your field and transition along the steps of your roadmap.
  • Feedback – Constructive feedback gathered from people who want to see you succeed. Includes the identification of opportunity areas for improvement and behaviors that are elements of your success.
  • Key Learnings – notes gathered from books, education and experiences that synthesize a learning or best practice.


5 - Sell the Value

Module Theme: Your product needs great marketing. Sell your message consistently across multiple channels to create demand and give credibility to your value proposition.

Is your value proposition believable?

Module Outcomes
By internalizing and practicing the concepts of this module, you will increase the ability to:

  • Market yourself authentically using mulitple channels.
  • Strengthen credibility through exceptional people that will advocate for your value proposition and reputation.
  • Expand the network of people who know who you and what you have to offer professionally.
  • Earn the hearts of others by telling stories that reveal your unique persona.

5A. Build Mindshare
Design and deliver marketing programs to build credibility and awareness with people and organizations that would benefit from your value proposition.

  • Sell to Build Credibility
  • Sell to Increase Demand
  • Sell to Change Perception
  • Sell to Create the Future You
  • Sell to Test Your Relevancy
  • Sell to Increase the Opportunity Surface Area (Luck)

5B. Build Advocacy
Secure relationships that will serve as advocates for an accurate and non-biased assessment of your profile, value propositions and reputation.

  • Sell Your Exceptional Work to Exceptional People

Module Deliverables
The outputs from the module include:

  • Marketing Plan – The collection of marketing objectives, strategies and tactics for building awareness of your value proposition.
  • Content – Marketing content in various formats to deliver marketing messages across multiple channels.
  • References – People and written content that serve as concrete, credible evidence to your reputation and value proposition.


6 - Connect with Awareness

Module Theme: Deepen awareness and guidance through self-reflection and relationships with people who are committed to seeing you succeed.

Who is engaged in your journey?

Module Outcomes
By internalizing and practicing the concepts of this module, you will increase the ability to:

  • Strengthen a support system through a community of relationships that are needed to realize success.
  • Master the relationship with yourself to gain peace and clarity.

6A. Self-Awareness
Record and study your behavior, thoughts and emotions to deepen self-awareness.

6B. Social Intelligence
Develop engagement skills and relationships that are essential to your career roadmap and well-being.

  • Connect with the Realities of Human Nature
  • Connect with Your Partner
  • Connect with Mentors
  • Connect to Give
  • Connect to Prevent Misunderstanding
  • Connect Through the Unspoken
  • Connect with Relationships That Transcend Time

Module Deliverables
The outputs from the module include:

  • Journals – A written collection of inner thoughts to clear your mind, gain meaning and work through obstacles.
  • Relationship Plan – A collection of strategies and methods that will be used to proactively manage your personal and professional relationship.
  • Network – The collection of personal and professional people that form your network to achieve career goals and live a healthy life.


7 - Decide Consciously

Module Theme: The complexity of the one life we live is too precious to be left up to chance alone. Make rational decisions that align with your inner core and planned journey.

What strategic decisions are needed?

Module Outcomes
By internalizing and practicing the concepts of this module, you will increase the ability to:

  • Remain committed to your career roadmap through self-discipline with focus, habits, and decisions that align with who you want to become.
  • Mitigate irrational behavior that will throw your journey off course.

7A. Simplify Choice
Adopt and embed techniques into your daily life to re-capture time that can be allocated to essential work.

  • Decide the Essential
  • Decide Your Habits
  • Decide Consciously in Context
  • Decide Automatically

7B. Disciplined Choice
Guide decisions through a lens of discipline to conserve energy and remain on your path.

  • Decide to Turn Pro
  • Decide How to Respond
  • Decide Your Top 5 Relationships
  • Decide What You Can Control
  • Decide by Keeping Score
  • Decide on When

Module Deliverables
The outputs from the module include:

  • Personal Scoreboard – Your private metrics that measure the progress toward your goals.
  • Calendar – The plan of how you allocate time each day and over a month/year.


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