What is your value proposition?


I work for the most amazing company that invests in and empowers its employees to achieve more each day. Quest stop #63 landed in Dallas to lead a workshop for a technical leadership development program at Microsoft.

A select group of 80+ employees took part in a 2-day conference that included delivering their career strategy to a panel of leaders for coaching. I became involved in this program 2 years ago given my work across Microsoft helping fellow employees craft a story to communicate their strategic direction. The workshop included an overview of the 7 career strategy framework principles with example artifacts to reinforce the key points.   As I reflected on the event there was one principle that stood out as the topic of conversation during the workshop and dinner – the value proposition.

What Are You Selling To Who and Why?

James GrayChoosing where and how to compete is the essence of competitive strategy for any business.  These same decisions are required for your personal career strategy and yet many people do not take a market-driven approach to decide where to apply their assets.  This is probably the most important strategy decision you make that will impact your degree of career success and fulfillment.  How quickly can you communicate what you are selling to who and why?

Target With A Personal Value Proposition

The key to career targeting is crafting a compelling personal value proposition that delivers a promise to a customer with an unmet need.  You can listen to my short webcast below that provides an over of the Target process and how to build a personal value proposition.  You can also refer to the list of Target references that provide additional tools to assist with market segmentation and personal value proposition development.

Best of luck creating a compelling and exciting personal value proposition that only you can deliver!

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