As a coach, I focus on three areas for professionals who seek to reach their unique potential in work and life.

If any of the problems described below resonate with you, I look forward to working together.

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You are:

Your Problems:

Anyone who seeks to increase income, expand options, and boost well-being through their unique knowledge and talent.

A compelling drive to live life on your terms.

  • You lost your job or have one primary source of income that is at risk
  • You are on a career path that will not lead to the compensation and rewards you want
  • You feel a lack of control over your destiny and daily work
  • Your brand, talent, and experience is not as well-known and this is limiting your opportunities
  • Your current work or financial situation is compromising your well-being
  • You lack quality mentorship to provide feedback and support for your personal growth
  • Your lower self-confidence is preventing you from operating at a high-performance level that delivers the achievement you aspire for 

A side hustle solopreneur who needs help to start, scale or automate their online business

You seek to save money, save time and reduce stress

  • You are overwhelmed by technology and not sure where to start
  • You don’t know what is technically possible to power your online business
  • You don’t have the expertise or time to learn technology through self-learning
  • You don’t have a lot of money and need free/low-cost technology
  • You don’t know how best to create and monetize products customers will love

A technology professional that wants to become a product management executive such as a Chief Product Officer

You seek to accelerate your growth

  • You are not clear what are the competencies and experiences you need to transition into the executive ranks
  • You are unaware of your gaps that are limiting your potential and the learning needed to address those gaps
  • Your professional brand is weak in a crowded market
  • Your growth is limited in your current role and you don’t have a comprehensive plan to make a transition to a role that leverages your uniqueness