The Career Strategy Framework is relevant and can add value to a wide variety of people. How we apply it and derive value is unique to each of these perspectives.

For Individuals

All of us can benefit from continuous investment in a career journey that brings achievement, fulfillment and happiness.

Professional / Tradesperson

A professional or tradesperson in the workforce.

Jobs – What I am trying to get done:

  • Produce meaningful, quality work that has value
  • Expand and deepen skills so that I remain relevant over the course of my career
  • Be respected and perceived as highly competent – someone who is in demand
  • Maximize income to fuel my life

Pains – Bad outcomes, risks and obstacles related to the jobs:

  • Unhappiness – I do not enjoy my job as it is not a fit for my skills.
  • Anxiety – The need for my skills is declining and I may become irrelvant thereby impacting my livelihood
  • Compensation is limited – my employer does not give raises or raises are small and infrequent
  • Feeling stuck – I do not know how best to transition to another job or I have been unsuccessful to-date
  • I don’t know how to position and market myself so that valuable opportunities come my way

Gains – The outcomes I want to achieve:

  • Meaningful work –
  • Happiness – I am
  • Financial freedom – compensation that enables me to be debt-free and provide for life’s essentials.
  • Schedule freedom –
  • Long-term employment –

Career Strategy Framework – how it alleviates your pains and helps you create gains.

Pain Relievers


Gain Creators



Side Hustler

Create options experimenting with unique passions while learning new skills and earning money on the side.


Students in high-school and college that need direction to choose fields of study, apprenticeships and establish an early vision of the life they wish for.


Parents that need a collection of strategies and philosophies, not taught in school, to help shape their children’s thought process about choosing a career and how to get the most value from education.

For Organizations

Organizations benefit from helping people unleash their unique talent and passion to make a contribution to the organization’s vision.

Career Event Organizer

Differentiate your event with a career framework that will enable attendees to quickly apply concepts that deliver results.  


Offer your readers strategic thinking and tips that engage a community of people to take control of their career and life. 


Develop talent within your organization with a framework and tools that help employees reach their true potential.

HR Leader

Build a culture of mutual success where organizations and professionals flourish when business need and talent our aligned.