Hello, this is James – Welcome.

I am a strategist, data scientist and writer.

By day, I build some of the coolest data and AI software products on the planet.

I was lucky to spend many years building data analytics platforms for one of the largest software companies in the world.

My biggest breakthrough had nothing to do with technology.

It was all about the human connection.

In 2008, I became obsessed with the most important decision of your life.

How to find and activate your unique career path.

The choice that will influence your success, health, happiness and fulfillment in life.

I tested a simple hypothesis that proved to transform people’s lives and organizations.

Matching the career aspirations of professionals with the business needs of the organization will drive significant advantage.

I called this – “mutual success”.

I helped people find themselves and to craft their unique career strategy.

I taught leaders how to articulate the competency needs of the organization.

How professionals and leaders can engage in rich relationships to drive mutual outcomes.

Many were too busy for this soft stuff but here is what I noticed.

Professionals came to terms with who they were and had a strategic direction that leaders admired.

Leaders that actively practiced talent management had a huge following where ever they went.

Helping people find their unique path was contagious – it raised all boats.

I cracked the code with a strategic framework to encapsulate the elusive topic of career strategy.

I had become a writer, speaker and facilitator for personal change.

A simple, practical and tested process for managing your career and broader life.

After saving a life and helping hundreds of fellow colleagues, the quest continues.

I hope my blog makes you think strategically about your journey through this short life we live.

Anything is possible – follow your unique path to freedom.

– James

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