This Is Marketing: You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn to See by Seth Godin

This book summarizes the Godin’s latest thinking on marketing strategy and getting yourself seen. Gain insight into developing your minimal viable audience for the product or service you provide. I love the size of this book and how the key points are easily outlined. It’s filled with ideas for anyone that seeks to market a product or service in an authentic, personal, and sustainable way.  I used the book to guide content development for this website.

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My Notes

The best ideas are instantly embraced. That’s because the best ideas require significant change.

Your most generous and insightful work needs help finding the people it’s meant to serve.

And your most successful work will spread because you designed it to.

Marketing is the act of making change happen. You haven’t made an impact until you’ve changed someone.

Marketers make things better by making change happen.

Sharing your path to better is called marketing and you can do it.

Smallest Viable Market

Your best customers become your new salespeople.

You need to build something that works better when it gets spread.

Here’s the truth about customer traction: a miracle isn’t going to happen.

The alternative is to seek a path, not a miracle.

And that path begins with customer traction.

A thousand true fans might be sufficient to live a better-than-decent life.

The challenge for most people who seek to make an impact isn’t winning over the mass market. It’s the micro market.