Models help connect concepts into a strategic framework that can guide and simplify decision making. Life is complex and it requires strategies across multiple domains to optimize our direction and drive outcomes. The intent of this model is to simply enable people to find and activate their best self.

Strategies and Tactics

This model connects 7 strategies to help shape how we see ourselves, our priorities and actions we will take. How people interpret and apply each of the 7 strategies is personal. This leaves space for creativity and molding the strategy around your unique ideas and worldview.

  • The Strategy – is the core idea of how we will take action.
  • The Tactics – within each strategy, is a set of actionable tactics that provide the foundation for the core strategy.
  • How-To-Use It – each tactic includes a “how-to-use-it”, so there are clear actions from the abstract ideas outlined in the tactic.
  • Questions – a series of questions for each tactic help people tease out the insights needed for self-awareness.


The Know strategy will work to transform you into person that has a deep understanding of who you are and what is important. It’s a journey of personal discovery to articulate a clear set of values, priorities and brand aspiration.


The Target strategy will sharpen your focus to select a promising market opportunity that leverages your personal strengths and unique view. The specific and concise value proposition will make you a master of competitive differentiation of a target you strategically selected. This will frees you from being everything to everybody in a highly competitive environment.


The Plan strategy will empower you to creativity explore and architect a roadmap of experiences to achieve success throughout different phases of your career. Planning the impossible will challenge your status quo while planning the essentials of today will guide your tactical steps toward freedom.


The Learn strategy will teach you how to develop the competencies and skills that are needed achieve and sustain differentiation of the “target”. It will also give you tactics to strengthen your social intelligence, more essential than ever.


The Sell strategy will give you confidence to authentically market your brand and give evidence to the credibility of your personal value proposition.


The Connect strategy will teach you how to engage and strengthen a community of relationships that are needed to power your journey.


The Decide strategy will make you a master of self-discipline with focus, habits and conscious decision making that align with your core values and goals.

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